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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT)

The new type of Vertical Axis Wind-Power Turbine ( VAWT )

In the 90’ of the 20th, there was only one type of wind-power turbine, the Horizontal Axis Wind-Power turbine ( HAWT ). It has been used to supply the power for the telecommunication stations, the border posts, the inlands and for the countryside etc..

Later on, many shortcomings were found from the HAWT, such as easily to be damaged, big noise and disturbance to the nearby electrical equipments etc.. In such case, we realized that we should find some new type of wind-power turbine instead of the HAWT.

In order to manufacture the better wind-power turbine, in 2006, co-operated with some famous experts for the first class universities, we, Qingdao Bofeng wind Power generator Co., Ltd. ( Bofeng) started the research work on the Vertical Axis Wind-Power Turbine ( VAWT ). In a period of shorter than one year, we completed the research work and made one sample equipment which passed all the technical tests and finally got the confirmation from our clients including the army. Till now we have supplied more than 300 sets of VAWT to our customers domestically and internationally.

The design principle of the new VAWT

Here we are going to make some detail introduction on the design principle of the new VAWT to meet the needs of our clients.

At the very beginning, the VAWT was of the arc shape of two blades called ф type VAWT. Its area facing the wind is quite small, hence bigger wind power will be needed for starting the turbine. So finally no one was interested in such turbine. We once also tried to make this kind of turbine, but the result was not satisfactory. Some people may ask why at the very beginning no one tried to design the H type VAWT, but фtype. The answer is so simple that a large amount of calculation work was needed for the H type VAWT which was not possible to be done without the modern computer.

In order to meet some special needs, we started the research work on VAWT in 2006 and in the following two 1 years we made a lot of tests and improvement and at the beginning of 2007, our VAWT came into use widely in the islands and in some border regions. And it is also used in the wind-power / solar energy systems.

At present, some companies in the world are working on the research of the VAWT.

Following is the detail technical specification on our H type VAWT:

1.       Technical principle:

In according to the air-force principle and on the bases of the wind tunnel model test, the blade’s shape is of the air plane wing, which will not reduce the efficiency when the wheel is spinning which will cause the change of the blade shape. There are 4-5 blades in equal distance fixed by the connecters connecting the wheel. The wheel will drive the rare-earth metal permanent magnetic turbine to produce the power and then transfer the power to the controller.

This technical principle is based on the slice theory. Practically the calculation will be carried out on the section of the spinning axis of the VAWT model. Note the size of the blade, take “ N “ as the spinning axis distance of each blade using CFD method to do the air-force coefficient calculation. The discrete digital method is used to get the air-force figure of the wing type section, and use the net square method to compare the reymolds member vortex flow

Here the power is produced by using the rare-earth metal permanent magnetic material, by using the wind wheel in accordance with the hole air-force theory and by using the structure of direct driven.

Patent No. of one kind of our VAWT is ZL2010 3 0529539.9

wind turbine

2.       Power feature:

From the principle of the H type VAWT , you will find that the speed increment of the wheel is very fast. (The increment of the moment of force increases very quickly.) So relatively the power increment is also increasing quickly resulting the nice power curve as shown in the drawing. Under the same power, the rated wind speed required by the VAWT is smaller than the present HAWT, besides VAWT can produce bigger power even when the wind speed is low.

wind turbine

3.       Construction:

Because of the usage of the special principle of hole force principle, the connecting way of triangle vector and the structure principle of direct driven, the wind   power will mainly being forced on the wheel. This is why the VAWT is strong in protecting the wind power. The another advantage of the VAWT is its noise-free and less electromagnetism disturbance.


 The power system drawing of the H type permanent magnetic VAWT

Attachment: Comparison on the present existing VAWT:


Presently there are mainly two kinds of blade connecting ways:


  A: Horizontal connecting way adopted by some companies. The shortage of such way is the higher requirement on the power transfer shaft, complicated in design and more difficulty in site installation. And on the analysis, the bigger of the power of H type VAWT, the longer of the blade needed. This makes the distance between the middle point of the horizontal connection pole and the middle point of the turbine bigger which will reduce the capacity protecting the wind power. And our triangle vector is the best way to solve the above problems. (Detail comparison is shown in the attached drawing. )


wind turbine    wind turbine


Detail comparison on the technical data:

Function and            Foreign VAWT of straight line blade                        Bofeng


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